A visit to Tenuta Mara is an extraordinary wine experience, that stimulates the senses even before the actual tasting, the central moment. Starting from the park with art ‘en plein air’, we continue walking in the vineyard to the Music hall, through a staircase that is also a work of art, and to which you can access the ‘sacred’ holding of the wine:

The Tinaia where there are six large vats in oak and six in cement, decorated each by a different artist giving the room a beautiful and unusual aspect of great inspiration. 

The Bottaia: a true temple of Sangiovese wine, is protected by two ancient Chinese warriors who constantly watch over the barrels and where MaraMia rests for twelve months.  Elegant Architecture, soft lighting and an exclusive egg cask  positioned in the middle of the room, create an enchanting setting in the cellars.

To give it a further touch of sacredness, Gregorian chants accompany the refinement of the biodynamic wine night and day. 

La Bariccaia: a finely decorated room, which recalls Byzantine art, hold the barriques and the tonneaux in which the MaraMia is slowly  and patiently perfected before being bottled.  A tour that ends with a glass in hand, tasting our precious Sangiovese.

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